The Cougar Craze: AreYouInterested Reveals How Old is Too Old

The Cougar Craze: AreYouInterested Reveals How Old is Too Old

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Oct 25, 2010, 05:34 ET

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Nearly 1500 singles from the AreYouInterested Facebook webpage reacted in under 1 week. Results reveal:

Women and men feel cougar-pride

  • 85% of males think it really is becoming more socially appropriate up to now an older woman; 73percent of females wouldn’t be offended should they had been known as a cougar
  • Lower objectives are far more appealing

  • 51% of males would date an adult girl because she may expect significantly less than a more youthful woman whom could be searching for wedding
  • Age does not matter


    Exactly why is Dating a Non-Christian Such a problem?

    Exactly why is Dating a Non-Christian Such a problem?

    I’ve been single for decades, but not long ago i came across a man it is hit by me down with straight away. I’m thinking about getting to understand him more—the only issue is he’s perhaps not just a Christian. He appears available to the concept of faith, but he’s never been tangled up in church or any such thing. Can it be really that big of the deal up to now a non-Christian?

    Sick and tired of Being Solitary

    To start with, I have where you’re coming from. Whenever you meet some body you really like, it’s very easy to start making compromises on a few of the things you had been initially interested in.

    Particularly in the event that you spent my youth within the church, you’ve most likely heard individuals say that Christians must not marry non-Christians. And since dating could be the step that is first wedding, it follows that Christians must not date non-Christians either.

    But people that are many here is the ideal in the place of the norm. We have met therefore believers that are many times got tough or lonely—ditched that guideline and began a relationship by having an unbeliever. “What may be the harm, ” they wonder. “My boyfriend functions similar to a Christian than my friends that are christian, ” they state.

    And unfortunately, which may be real, but being truly a Christian is all about a lot more than simply being truly a ethical individual. Being a believer ensures that your relationship with Jesus has definitely, completely and demonstrably changed everything. (više…)

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