Searching for stigma, in part, might be an important reason why this pattern is not reflected in other studies

Searching for stigma, in part, might be an important reason why this pattern is not reflected in other studies. For example, a 2006 report from the journ포항출장안마al Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that the prevalence of alcoholism was less than in the U.S., a trend that persisted in subsequent studies from the same study [35]. The finding that discrimination in alcohol use is lower among people of lower economic status is also surprising because that finding is based on interviews with college students and self-reported alcohol use [36]. However, it has been observed that college students are more likely to report higher levels of alcohol consumption than those from poorer families [37]. Similarly, a 2009 study in the Journal of Research on Adolescence found that the prevalence of use of cocaine, marijuana, or ecstasy was lower among women from lower income households, which suggests that discrimination in alcohol use might also be lower among women of lower socioeconomic status. Another possibility is that a수원출장마사지 different bias might apply between the different racial and socioeconomic groups. In particular, among ethnic minorities there is a higher prevalence of use of cocaine, suggesting that the social pressure to consume alcohol might be higher [37].

The data collected in this study provide further evidence for the potential existence of different patterns among ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Although alcohol is clearly a social substance, the extent to which racial/ethnic differences in alcohol use exist also needs to be considered in light of the existing racial and socioeconomic disparities among racial/ethnic groups. Specifically, research in the United States suggests that poverty is a relevant predictor of alcohol consumption among low-income and minority youth [38]. This effect is greatest for minority youth with poor educational and employment outcomes and increases for minority males. In the same article, researchers from the National Center for Health Statistics found that men from families living below the poverty line were more likely to use alcohol and other drugs than white men, but the difference was not significant among African American/black and Hispanic/Latino men and not significant among White men. In a study from the Social Science Research Council, the researchers observed that the use of alcohol and other drugs was lowest for yo경주출장샵ung African Americans and lowest among Hispanic/Latino youth, while among White males these characteristics were associated with highest use rates.

In conclusion, findings from this study are consistent with findings from previous studies showing that high levels of poverty or low educational attainment, either alone or in conjunction with discrimination in alcohol use, are associated with alcohol consumption rates that are associated with lower alcohol use. Given the growing body of evidence that indicate

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