13 Necessary Rules if you are Friends With Benefits

13 Necessary Rules if you are Friends With Benefits

Ah, the age-old buddies with advantages situation. Listen, we’ve all been here, and there’s no shame inside it! Let’s be truthful, having a buddies with advantages is convenient—all the fun incredibly, none for the planning-your-future-together? Seems good to me personally. Having said that, you can find buddies with advantages guidelines that have to be followed strictly in order to make sure your FWB relationship (or, do I need to state

) thrives. The Dos and Don’ts of setting up having a close buddy are numerous, and I’ve taken the liberty of detailing them below. (više…)

Regional. Deficiencies in bisexual exposure is a typical problem from bisexual…

Regional. Deficiencies in bisexual exposure is a typical problem from bisexual…

Too little bisexual exposure is really a typical grievance from bisexual companies and activists. Simply like the B in LGBT is not sufficient. Bisexual programs want to get up on their very own to boost visibility and awareness.

It is simple to state any system for homosexual males includes bi males. Any program for lesbians includes bi women. But often times bi men and bi women can be stigmatized from both the LGBT community plus the community that is straight.

SFGN took a glance at how often our regional LGBT companies promote and/or explore bisexual awareness. Therefore we looked over their Facebook postings during the period of one from August 2016 to August 2017 year.

The outcome weren’t encouraging.

Of course Twitter and social media aren’t the be-all-end-all, however it’s good starting place since social media marketing performs such a significant part of our lives and just how we keep in touch with one another.

SFGN examined the postings through the Pride Center at Equality Park, Compass, Pridelines, Sunserve and Latinos Salud. These five businesses combined posted nearly 2,500 times.

And just how frequently had been bisexuals mentioned? They got 11 articles.

We’re maybe maybe not instances that are including bisexuals are lumped together beneath the umbrella term LGBT, or as soon as the term ended up being mentioned in a spelled out list like homosexual and bisexual guys or lesbian, homosexual, biesxual, transgender.

Nine of these 11 posts promoted bisexual relevant occasions, such as for example their social and support groups. Just two had been in relation to visibility that is bisexual understanding.

Meanwhile Bisexual Health Awareness Month got zero articles. That’s right, not merely free porm cam one of the Twitter pages pointed out the month-long event that happens yearly in March. One organization did mention LGBT Health Awareness Week with a few LGBT health articles. LGBT Health Awareness also takes place in March week. (više…)

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