Turkish pm hailed as hero after eu talks end with Germany deadlocked

Turkish pm hailed as hero after eu talks end with Germany deadlocked

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the “heroic” action taken by바카라 게임 an officer during last week’s failed coup was “historic” and hailed the man who pulled it off as a hero, German media said.

At a news conference, Merkel thanked a soldier who had been captured by the Islamic State terror group after his attempt to rescue the country’s chancellor failed in a coup.

“I thank the brave citizen, who made himself known as a hero of the nation,” Merkel said. “He had risked his life and had a responsibility to help the chancellor.”

At the same time, she said, she was “absolutely convinced that this action has saved lives – to this very day.”

She said the German military was not in a position to determine who would be able to lead Germany.

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‘Coup leader is a martyr’: Istanbul’s Erdogan calls ‘hero’

Image copyright AP Image caption Germany’s Chancellery had said it hoped for better relations with Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed the capture of the coup plotters who tried to take over the government in Ankara.

She called the men “heroes and patriots”, German media said.

She said the coup would not have succeeded were it not for Turkey’s soldiers who stepped in.

German President Joachim Gauck described the coup as a “terrible attack” on free speech.

The US has expressed regret over the downing of the Russian plane. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the action as “an attack on the Russian plane”.

The plane was carrying some of the heads of Russia’s defence minis강원출장샵try delegation in Turkey as well as the heads of the country’s chief intelligence agency, who were traveling in Moscow.

The plane disappeared from radar screens in the early hours of Thursday, sparking concerns in Russia of a possible “spying” incident. Turke도박y has blamed the shooting on Syrian militants, but the Russians say that was not the case and that they were shooting from the air.

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