Texas hit by rain flash floods in wake of hurricane patricia Read more

Texas hit by rain flash floods in wake of hurricane patricia Read more

Sessions said that the first step to protecting all Americans, and to saving lives – in Texas at least – was to address the issue of sanctuary cities: “I believe, and Congress must do, that federal grant money is available to assist jurisdictions that are able to bu에그 벳ild an environment conducive to human dignity, respect for authority and safe communities, and to protect both immigrants and public safety.”

In his remarks, Sessions also expressed concern about the state of border security:

I can say today that the current situation, for the first time in history, makes it clear we cannot have the kind of dangerous rhetoric that has been put forth by a President-elect that is not going to make a difference and that is going to leave us vulnerable to terrorism and other forms of violence.

Sessions went on to say that Trump’s rhetoric and his statements “leave us with very little to no confidence that is going to get done to ensure public safety”.

“The fact is that these comments have created a dangerous situation,” Sessions said. “There’s no more secure border than the one we have today. The president has gone too far when he said that we have to secure the border. He has threatened to close it down. There are no borders, that I know of, as long as we make these tough decisions.”

Sessions also told the Senate hearing that he had “serious concerns” about the appointment of a commissioner to investigate allegations of voter fraud and “the role of the secretary of state in helping to hide those facts from the public and in allowing votes that are stolen, fraudulently cast, to affect the election”.

He also expressed concern that Trump’s comments about the judge of Mexican heritage and the case that brought the case against Trump University were “ill advised”, since he had heard many, many times that Mexican Americans are successful, law-abiding citizens that do not commit crime.

“The president was correct that those individuals were successful individuals who, as we have seen in our country, went forwar청주출장샵d into good lives after working hard,” Sessions said. “There is good that’s come to the nation from these individuals. We will not know all the facts until someone in the Department of Justice gets to the bottom of those allegations and the answers.

“It would be my expectation, I think, that someone is going to be appointed shortly to inve블랙 잭stigate this very serious issue,” Sessions said, before he departed.

Sessions announced his own White House bid – his thir

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