Serial sex monster garry narkle to stay in jail,” she wrote

Serial sex monster garry narkle to stay in jail,” she wrote.

The Facebook messages have been getting a lot of attention. In one of them, another girl wrote: “I just lost my virginity, and now I want the internet to take it.” In another, the message was shared with 해운대출장안마 해운대출장마사지the message, “Don’t you f출장eel terrible about it? Why didn’t you get pregnant and maybe just cry? Well there’s always an outlet for that.”

Narkle, 21, has also gotten death threats.

“I feel it. I’ve been called a bitch, a slut, whore, sluts. I have every reason in the world to not believe that,” she said. “I’m a girl, and you guys have a fucking right to do what you want.”

Her lawyer, David Schloss, declined to comment on whether his client might be charged with anything. He said, however, that if prosecutors decided to pursue the matter, they might prosecute her in addition to a charge of rape or sexual battery against the victim. He also noted that Narkle has a history of being bullied online.

He said it would not be unusual for prosecutors to pursue the case for abuse of authority, which the state’s code defines as “the use of physical force, threat, intimidation, humiliation, or any other method of coercion by others to exert a power imbalance in relation to one’s own power.”

The code also calls the practice of 예스 카지노posting online pictures of private parts “obscene.”

Narkle said she is glad her story could serve as a cautionary tale for girls online.

“I did not create anything here,” she said. “What I am posting today, as you all read, is a snapshot of some thoughts, feelings, memories that I shared with a girl that I knew through Facebook.”

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