Howard warns against bird flu cover up

Howard warns against bird flu cover up

The warning comes despite a report that scientists at a UK think tank think there could be a “ticking” risk of a deadly pandemic.

The scare about bird flu was linked to a study about how it would be handled by British and American workers in the poultry industry.

Last year, scientists at the University of Surrey discovered that handling chicken as it came onto the factory floor at egg far온라인 카지노 사이트ms across the UK could kill millions of birds.

Some of those infected had been treated before with highly contagious flu vaccines and those that did not could spread to others on the plant floor.

A study, co-written with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, concluded that workers at such farms had a high risk of having their throats slit, lungs punctured and other parts of their bodies sliced open and the eggs fried alive by bird flu.

The British and American industries have not agreed on how to handle such strains of bird flu in chicken produced here, or the level of risk to workers.

Experts say that while many workers had been exposed before they started working on chicken farms, many weren’t even aware they were exposed to viruses, and were less likely to carry the strains in their own body.

It has therefore not been possible to determine whether worke포항안마rs actually had these bacteria in them.

But as the warning was issued, the government’s environment minister, Greg Barker, told a press conference: “We don’t say there is a dangerous pandemic here or there is a risk at all. It’s just that people should not panic.”

His office said the warning was based on the new research about “how viruses may be handled by chickens”.

The government agency said that because there is no firm scientific basis for the conclusions drawn by a number of experts in the UK, it was taking the advice of its scientists to avoid these types of tests on chicken.

A number of poultry plants in Britain that have been inspected have been found to have these strains, though no birds die as a result.

The warning is not the first warning from the government that bird flu is being introduced rapidly across the EU.

Last September it warned o슬롯 머신f the arrival of the “fecal-oral spread of Ebola virus from infected farm animals”.

The WHO and Europol are leading investigations into the outbreak, though it is not clear if a country has been at risk.

Last week a study by researchers at the US National Institutes of Health found it is increasingl

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